The value of helmet

After graduating as an engineer with first class and getting a decent job in a regional engineering company,

under tremendous pressure from my family to get married,

I went to meet this girl under the arranged marriage system.

It was my first such experience of meeting a girl in such conditions. And the girl rejected me outright on my face.

I of course moved on and got married to another girl a year later.

After 20 years, I saw the same beautiful lady at a traffic signal with her husband in a brand new Audi.

And I was trying to kick-start my two wheeler because the battery start was not working.

She looked out of the car and briefly looked at me but without any hint of recognition, moves her eyes away!

At that moment, after driving a two wheeler for over 25 years, first time in my life I realized the value of a helmet ???

So always wear a helmet in your own safety!
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