We had wireless even 400 years ago

Sardarji went to US and had ameeting with Bill Gates.

Bill: “I want to show you US advanced technology even before you born”

He takes him to a forest.. .

Bill: “Dig the ground.”

Sardarji did it.

Bill: “More Mor­­e…More…”

Sardarji goes deep to 100 Feet..

Bill: “So now, try to search something.”

Sardarji : “I got a Wire.”

Bill: “You know, it shows that even 100 years ago we used to have telephones…”

Sardarji became frustrated. He invited Bill to India and next year Bill was in India..

Sardarji : “I want to show  you our advanced technology even before your father born”

He takes Bill to a forest.

Sardarji : “Dig it.”

Bill does.

Sardarji : “More.Mor­­e.More.More….

Bill goes into almost 400 feet.

Sardarji :”Try  to find something.

Bill tries…

Sardarji :”Did you get anything?”

Bill: “No, there is nothing here.”

Sardarji : “You know, it shows that even 400 years ago, we used to have WIRELESS technology!!”

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