Ultimate bargain with a Dentist

A lady calls a Dentist to inquire about the cost for tooth extraction.

Dentist: Rs 850 Ma’m.

Lady: Rs 850!!! Too much! Don’t you have anything cheaper?

Dentist: That’s the normal charge, Ma’m.

Lady: What if you don’t use any anesthetic? 

Dentist: That’s unusual, ma’m but can be done and will cut the cost by Rs 400.

Lady : Ok. And what if you deploy one of your trainee-dentists to do the extraction, without anesthetic?

Dentist: Well, I cannot guarantee professionalism and it also would be painful. But the price could drop down to Rs 150.

Lady: Hmm! What if you make it like a training-session, like one of your students does the extraction, while the other students watch and learn?

Dentist: It’ll be good for the students but quite traumatic. And I can pay you Rs 200 for it.

Lady: Now you’re talking! Ok, it’s a deal. 

Can I confirm an appointment for my husband for tomorrow then?

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