This may happen to the Epic with Accounts department..

This may happen to the Epic with Accounts department..

After the war between Ravana and Rama,
Hanumanji submitted his Travel Allowance Bill to Ayodhya administration for his official tour to collect Sanjeevani Booti.
The Auditor in Bill Section raised 3 objections:
(1) Hanumanji did not take prior permission from the appropriate authority (Bharat), the King of Ayodhya, during the relevant time for his travel
(2) Hanumanji being a Grade 2-officer was not entitled to air travel;
(3) Hanumanji was asked to bring Sanjeevani Booti, just a single plant, but he carried a whole mountain (unauthorized excess baggage).
The Auditor returned the bill. King Ram could do nothing except marking it for re-examination.
A worried Hanumanji approached the Auditor and offered a bribe of 20% of the T.A.Bill amount.

The Auditor now wrote on the Bill:
Re-examined :

1. Even during the relevant time, Ram was still the king through his Paduka and as the¬†journey was performed on Sri ram’s instruction, it is acceptable.
2. Further, in an emergency, non-entitled officers can be authorized ex-post facto to fly.
3. Also, excess baggage is justified as bringing a wrong plant would have entailed multiple journeys with extra cost; hence bill may be paid.
Ram ji shocked !!?

That’s Accounts department.


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