Stupid questions & suitable answers

Stupid questions & suitable answers

STUPID questions people usually ask in obvious situations.

1. At movies:

“Hey ! What are you doing here ?”

Me: “I am here to apply for the popcorn seller post?”


2. In bus: An uncle steps on my feet:

“Sorry did that hurt ?”

Me: “No not at all. I’m on local anesthesia. Why don’t you try again ?”


3. When I get woken up at midnight by a

call: “Sorry ! Were you sleeping ?”

Me: “Na ! I was doing research on monkeys in Africa. You thought I was sleeping, you stupid fool ?”


4. When they see me with shorter hair: “Hey ! Have you had a haircut ?”

Me: “Nah ! Its autumn. my hair’s shedding !”

5. When someone calls on land-line and asks: “Where are you ?”

Me: “I’m in market with a telephone around my neck !!”


6. When I m washing my car….

Neighbor: “Hey ! Are you washing your car ?”

Me: “No, I m just watering it so that it grows into a big bus..

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