Everything depends on the strategy.

FATHER – I chose an excellent young woman for you to marry.
SON – But, father, I prefer to choose my own woman.
FATHER – My son, she is Bill Gates daughter…
SON – Well, in this in case that, I accept.

Then, the father goes to Bill Gates…
FATHER – Bill, I have a fiancé for your daughter
BILL GATES – But my daughter is very young to marry!
FATHER – But this young man is the vice-president of the World Bank…
BILL GATES – Well, in this case, all good.

Finally, the father goes to the President of the World Bank…
FATHER – Mr. President, I have to recommend a young man to be the vice-president of the World Bank.
President World Bank – But I already have many vices-presidents, more than necessary.
FATHER – But, Sir, this young man is the Bill Gates son-in-law.
President World Bank – In this case he can start tomorrow!

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