A meaningful gift

A man had his car stolen from his parking lot.

2 days later, the car was back in it’s place!

There was a letter on the seat that read :

“Day before yesterday, my mother took ill very suddenly & had to be rushed to the hospital very late at night. At that time, & it being a public holiday, I could not find any transport and so was compelled to use your car.

I sincerely apologise for taking this liberty and I  beg your forgiveness.

I have filled the tank & repaired the broken lock.

To atone for my action, I have enclosed 4 tickets to tonight’s opening show of New Movie for you & your family and hope this will lessen your anger”.

The man, relieved that his car had been returned, in a good frame of mind, went off to watch the movie with his family.

On his return, he found that his house had been burgled & about 35 lakhs worth of cash & jewellery & expensive items had been taken.

On the dining table was a note :

“Thanks for watching the movie”!???

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