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Never loose the opportunity

A Manager, his Assistant, an old woman and her young daughter are traveling in a train and during the course of time get themselves introduced to each other and became temporary friends.

The train goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark.

Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a slap.

The train comes out of the tunnel.

The women and the Assistant are sitting there looking perplexed.

The Manager is bending over holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap.

All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.

The Old woman is thinking : “These Managers are all crazy after young girls. He must have kissed my daughter in the tunnel. Very proper that she slapped him.”

The Young girl is thinking : “The Manager must have tried to kiss me but kissed my mother instead and got slapped.”

The Manager is thinking : “Damn it. My Assistant must have kissed the young girl. She might have thought it was me and slapped me.”

Now guess what the Assistant is thinking.

The Assistant is thinking………..

“I hope this train goes through another tunnel soon… Then I will make another kissing sound and slap my Manager even harder. This Rascal keeps harassing me too much in the Office”.😂

Documentation is important always

Once a Project Manager was travelling by train in A/c class.  He was traveling from Hyderabad to Bangalore!

He was traveling alone!

Some time later, a beautiful lady came and sat in the opposite seat.

Our PM was pleasantly happy!

The lady kept smiling at him!  This made PM even more happy!

Then she went and sat next to him!

PM was bubbling with joy!

She then lean towards him and whispered in his ear ” Hand over all your valuables, cash, cards, mobile phone to me
else I will shout and tell everybody that you are  harassing and misbehaving with me”

PM stared blankly at her!

He took out a paper and a pen from his bag and wrote ” I  can not hear or speak. You write on this paper whatever you want to say”

The lady wrote everything what she said earlier and gave it to him!

PM took her note, kept it in his pocket!

He got up and told her in clear tones…”Now shout & scream!!”